Grizzled war veteran from the Weasel War


Kole was given his name due to his dark fur color (go figure). At the age of 10 he started helping his father with his trade, armoring. Kole picked up the trade almost naturally. From his young age until he was almost 17, Kole was practically a master armorer. Due to his skill he caught the eyes of several Mouse Guard. Eventually he was brought in and given his Artisan, Nola, a beast of a mouse lady. Nola had bright blonde fur but it was usually covered by soot or some other material. She reinforced Kole’s armoring abilities with her own. A year passed, Kole had grown further in his trade when he was given his mentor, Seyth. Seyth was a fierce mouse with red fur to match his temper and yet his cloak was a mellow blue as if to show he can be calm at times. But Kole could not dwindle on those thoughts because he was instantly thrown into sparring. Seyth taught Kole how to be a warrior for the Guard, to protect and serve it with his very life. After the sparring died down, Seyth had one final task for Kole to prove himself. Seyth requested that Kole make his own weapon, after all Seyth knew of Kole skills with metal. Kole accepted the challenge and went to work. He worked almost non-stop for two days. After the work was completed Kole showed his mentor what he had accomplished, a shield. The front of the shield was a silhouette of Lockhaven. But as Seyth turned the shield over he discovered a motto on the back of the shield where one could read it if wearing it: You serve the Mouse Guard now, be proud and protect it all. Shortly after Kole received his cloak, it was gray for everyone believing he would be the shield that would protect the Guard ways.

Kole was over joyed, he had finally made something of himself. His parents, while worried, were just as happy for him. Years came and passed as Kole patrolled from one group to another, he traveled the Territories as if he had lived all over them. The the Weasel War came. Kole was 27 when the war came, it was a harsh one. The weasel’s came in great numbers but Kole and his comrades stayed together no matter what. On the battlefield Kole was paired up with a mouse slightly older than him, Thom. The two became fast friends in this dire situation. The two shared their life with one another as the battle raged on around them. Then Thom got hit hard, a weasel lord raked his claws straight across Thom’s face and the young mouse fell in the snow and his blood. Kole, scared and angry rushed at the weasel lord. The two fought, they were almost matched when the weasel disarmed Kole. Without hesitation, Kole grabbed Thom’s sword at his side and rammed it through the weasel’s body. The weasel was dead but war still raged on, Kole picked back up his shield and stayed near Thom trying to defend him until help arrived. But instead another weasel came at him. This one was much stronger and more aggressive than the weasel lord. He came at Kole with a halberd. They fought and fought, but Kole could not match the weasel’s strength. In one massive strike, the weasel, chopped off half off Kole’s right ear and sliced it down passed his right eye. Kole saw red for a few seconds as the metal bit into his skin, he hit the snow on the ground hard while hearing the weasel laugh. Kole regained conscientiousness a few seconds later to see three Guards fighting the weasel, they were losing. Kole stumbled onto his wobbly legs and grabbed his shield. Half his sight was covered in blood and the other eye he couldn’t see out of, but he had to fight. He silently read his shield’s motto as he walked towards the weasel who had his back to him. Then in a pure adrenaline surge, Kole rushed the weasel. Screaming ,”For the Guard!!!!!!” The weasel turned just in time to see the black blood splattered mouse jump up to his face and smash that shield of his into his skull. The weasel’s skull cracked under pressure and it died painfully, as most weasel’s should. Kole was standing on top of the weasel’s lifeless body, but he only stayed on it for a second and then he returned to Thom’s side, guarding him. Kole passed out a minute later.

A week later, Kole woke up in an infirmary in Lockhaven, the war was over finally. Kole’s ear was patched up as was his eye. And in the bed next to him was Thom, he was still sleeping. After Kole had finished recovering he was congratulated by most of the Guard and the matriarch herself and was promoted to the rank of Patrol Guard. Kole continued his patrols with different groups between the years, and yet not once was he assigned a Tenderpaw. Well now that time has changed. Lets see how that goes


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